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︎︎︎ Production
︎︎︎Brand Development
︎︎︎ Brand Guidelines
︎︎︎ Creative Strategy
︎︎︎ Festival Visual System
︎︎︎ Social Index
︎︎︎ Motion Graphics
︎︎︎ OOH

Beautycon and their founders reached out to WeThem.Us to help provided them with a branded overhaul. From Brand Bibles, Social Templates, Strategy, Motion Graphics and a visual system in which they would implement into their Festival

Production Co: WeThem.Us
Creative Director: Jen Sanchez 🙋🏽‍♀️
Creative Director: Rosco Flevo

Colors & Typography

Visual System

Playful, Dynamic, and Eye-catching.

Social Media

Developing a social page index that hones in on a generation craving individualistic expressions.

Festival Signage

Brand Bible

© JenSanchez
Los Angeles