The Martyr of Hudson Yards


As creatives we often turn inward, carrying the heaviness of mind and body that clings, a ceaseless cycle of drowning and reemerging for air. This short film is a message to give ourselves grace, space to feel, and a path to self acceptance.

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WeThem.Us is an amalgamation of the minds, a creative duo and collective ran by Jen Sanchez and Rosco Flevo. WeThem.Us is a culture first collective, focusing on bridging generation outcomes through multi-cultural perspectives.

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The Directory

The Directory is the yellow pages of all things creative — an intersectional resource index featuring people, places, and information. Our goal is to put equity back into people of color and our communities.

It was assembled by a group of creatives to develop a centralized resource platform that will continue to adapt, grow, and provide resources, and experiences that will encourage change and understanding.

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Sangre 🩸


Directors: Jen Sanchez 🙋🏽‍♀️ & Rosco Flevo
DP: Jay Kaufman
Talent: Camila Arana
Art: Ash Davis
Editor: WeThem.Us
Song: Réseau (Kareem Ali Remix)

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Boardroom.TV 🏆🏀

Web Design & Dev

Boardroom brings the very best of the sports business – an inside look – directly to fans. It is designed to foster conversations in the space where the deals, the investments, and the creativity happen in sports. Founded in 2019 by Kevin Durant and Rich Kleiman.

We were brought on to re-envision their experience from blog to a fully functioning sports editorial platform. 
Creative Director & Product Producer: Jen Sanchez 🙋🏽‍♀️ 
Creative Director: Rosco Flevo
Design & Web Dev: WeThem.Us
Liaison: Stefanie O’Brien

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